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U.S. Mint
The U.S. Mint-Philadelphia is  trusted with producing U.S. currency and therefore, is a vital cog in the U.S. economy.   It has decided that Precision Sprinkler Services is the best choice to protect their building and its very important operations.

Philadelphia Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo is of considerable historic significance.  First chartered in PA on March 21, 1859 zoo knows the value of maintaining their fire sprinkler and standpipe systems.  
Not wanting to  take a chance just hiring any contractor, the Philadelphia Zoo hired Precision Sprinkler Services, Inc to protect its priceless, rare and endangered occupants. 

Jack Moriarty and Bryan McGovern
Jack Moriarty and Bryan McGovern hard at work on an emergency underground break at Charming Shoppes headquarters in Bensalem, PA.

Precision Sprinkler Services, Inc. is a premier company that offers the highest quality of sprinkler work throughout the tri-state area. Our company is affiliated with Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices Local Union No. 692 and through this affiliation we offer a highly trained and motivated work force.

The three owners in our corporation have over 60 years of combined experience in design, maintenance and inspection on all types of systems. 

Our business model is to provide high quality service, installation and product while still providing economical and consistent prices to our customers.  We feel that this philosophy of quality and value will put us at the forefront of the sprinkler industry in the Philadelphia area.

We are unique in the industry by providing consistent pricing based on labor rates and material.
We will not allow “cost creep” (the tendency to increase prices as a contractor feels more comfortable with a customer). Through this philosophy of service and pricing, we strive to develop long term relationships with our customers based on trust. Our customers know they are receiving a fair price for the highest quality work available.

Precision Sprinkler Services, Inc. offers a variety of service options, including:

       · Testing and Certifications 
       · Annual Backflow Preventers Inspection,Installation and Repairs
       · 5 Year Inspections 
       · Design Build, Engineering and Installations 
       · Maintenance 
       · Code Upgrades 
       · 24 Hour Emergency Service 
       · Fire Hydrant testing, maintenance, repairs,replacement and installations 
       · Water Supply Analysis 
       · Underground Piping Installation and Repairs


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