Inspections & Maintenance

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Contact us to receive a free price quote for system inspection and maintenance. Once Precision Sprinkler services your system, we will track the inspection frequency and remind you when it is time to maintain your system. Remaining code compliant is one less thing you have to worry about.
Inspection reports will promptly be forwarded to the building owner or the owner’s representative upon completion of an inspection, together with a comprehensive list, including pricing, of any deficiencies. Under no circumstance will Precision Sprinkler forward this information to the fire marshal without first giving the owner a chance to make these corrections.
All of our inspections are done in accordance with NFPA 25, the Philadelphia Fire Code, The International Fire Code, and/or to the requirements of the authority in your jurisdiction.
One Liberty Place is 945 feet tall.  With a building as tall as this, a quick evacuation in the event of an emergency is not an option.  One Liberty Place relies on Precision Sprinkler Services to maintain its automatic fire sprinkler systems.